Benjamin Waller

Personal Projects

eLearn Vietnamese - online platform for learning Vietnamese

eLearn Vietnamese was created with the aim of giving learners of the Vietnamese language the best change at learning Vietnamese the right way with the right tools with the benefit of tried and tested methodologies. We develop eLearning resources with engaging, integrative and authentic content using primarily H5P.

Quality eLearning

All our elearning is developed with a learner-centric approach with guided, logical and sequential steps to aid the learning process.

Ready to Ship

Our eLearning solutions are made using modern web technologies so they work on any device and are kept up-to-date!


Each activity is self-contained, situational and concise which allows you to easily fit them into your day.

Made with Love

Our team is passionate about Vietnamese so each and ever learning integration is carefuly crafted and considered.

eLearn Vietnamese Showcase

This example learning integration focuses on basic greetings between teachers and students using the Northern accent suitable for beginners.